Marketing Tools

In order to be successful, you have to enroll new members. There are several ways to market this incredible service. Some of them are as follows:

Word of mouth. This is the best technique. If you are sold on Miracle.US, you can easily sell it to others. Ask a potential member a simple question, "Do you want to make money for your family by promoting peace and happiness?" Mention the benefits as outlined in this site.
Get a domain name, such as from our affiliate site, www.ILove.US for less than $0.75/month and we'll setup your own Miracle.US web site for you. So, now you can tell people to go to for all the information and to sign up as a Mira. Anyone logging on to your domain name will be entering the Miracle.US and will be automatically tagged as referred by you and you will get the full credit when they sign up. Instantly, a member is added to your account, which you can view on Miracle.US.
Advertise in newspapers, magazines and other media.
Tell to people in your religious places.
Email to your friends and relatives.
Make your own unique business cards.
Apply your own marketing ideas. You'll develop confidence as you go along.
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