How it Works?

Miracle.US provides you a NOBLE NETWORK with a potential of making an almost unlimited amount of money by participating in the Miracle.US social network. It requires a contribution of just $10 per month, which is returned to you manifolds. No inventory, No workers, No Stores, No warehouses, No labor needed. And therefore, no overheads!! Above all you can develop your network, whenever you want and from wherever you want. We keep you FREE of all the headaches. We do everything for you. All you do is use your contacts to make them your customers and that too for a noble cause.

And, it is funny but true, that you make new customers your lifelong good friends. Also, you may even market your own existing business products or services to this trusted network of friends. With Miracle.US, you create a network of peaceful friendly customers. How you interact with your network is limited only by your imagination. You can, for example receive help from your pool of multi professions. You will be broadening your horizons for your benefit and satisfaction.

Miracle.US is a peace and not for profit organization. It is developed for the benefit of humanity. The mission of Miracle.US is to spread peace, happiness and financial freedom through love, understanding and community service.

Miracle.US believes that "Caring and Giving brings happiness in life" and "Financial freedom can also be achieved by spreading happiness".

With the help of Miracle.US, the service begins at home and spreads to neighborhood communities.

The mission is achieved by developing a viable peace network through community service and with the spirit of sharing and giving to make others happy. In the process, financial freedom is attained as a reward.

By joining Miracle.US, you will be spreading "peace, happiness and financial freedom" through a unique SINGLE LEVEL AFFILIATE MARKETING program. Every member of Miracle.US is an affiliate of Miracle.US and has the same opportunities and privileges as the first member of Miracle.US. Every affiliate is provided their own Miracle.US web site for promoting the mission. Miracle.US returns all of the money collected to the members and the community, as Miracle.US is a non profit entity.

Miracle.US joins you hand in hand, by providing you affiliate training and marketing tools for achieving success.

The unique money making and community service miracle is explained in detail below:

Every person who enrolls as a member of Miracle.US has an opportunity to participate in the money making fund and develop a peace community, called Miracle. Each Miracle is a community of between 10 to 200 members.

To enroll in Miracle.US, a member contributes $10 per month to the Miracle.US fund. Miracle.US then provides an opportunity to the member via its NETWORK SECURED platform and marketing tools to not only make money but also participate in the noble cause of spreading peace. A member instantly becomes the Miracle.US business owner with its own unique Miracle.US website. Miracle.US returns all of the collected money less small overhead expenses to the society. Each enrolled member is called a Mira.

Miracle.US provides a platform to every Mira to enroll unlimited number of people in Miracle.US and create their own group of Miras. The full feature web site of your own allows you to easily and efficiently market your business and conduct community services. We take care of all your accounting and tracking of your customers. These are all displayed instantly and in real time on your Miracle.US web site.

When you as a Mira of Miracle.US refer anyone, out of the $10 per month collected from the new referred member, Miracle.US pays back $5 per month to you. A Mira can enroll an unlimited number of members. So, for example, if a Mira of Miracle.US enrolls 100 members then that Mira receives $500 per month. Every enrolled member becomes a Mira and has the same opportunity as the one that enrolled him/her. That is he or she is provided their own Miracle.US web site with all of its features and help that the original Mira enjoys. Each Mira is limited only by their direct efforts and do not monetarily benefit from the efforts of the dowline members, as it is not an "MLM" but a single level marketing. Similarly, your efforts are not diluted by rewarding your upline (the person that enrolled you) member.

This is not all, in addition $3 per Mira is returned to their own Miracle community of Miras for conducting community services of their choice. Until 10 Miras have formed a Miracle community of their own, the money is placed in their community escrow account. Then, the money in the escrow account is returned to that Miracle community of atleast 10 Miras to start conducting community service of their choice. A miracle group is formed when you or the person that referred you have enrolled atleast 10 members. A miracle community of 100 Miras for example, receives 100x3= $300 every month for doing community service. Thus, you can enlarge a miracle group by including all the enrolled mambers in your Miracle community. You only have to provide us a list of all the Miras in your Miracle community so that we ascertain that there is no duplication of the same Miras in other Miracle communities.

A miracle group may prefer to donate to a non profit charitable organization, such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, Childrens education, Aids or other health foundations if they lack time to do community service. A miracle group shall have the full authority to decide on the best way to promote peace using the funds it receives each month from Miracle.US.

So to recap, every month, a check is mailed to the Miracle community in the amount of $3 times the number of Miras in the Miracle group for promoting peace and happiness. Also, a check in the amount of $5 times the number of members enrolled by a Mira is mailed monthly to every Mira. So, Miras receive money for their family and for community service.

The remaining $2 per Mira is placed in an expense account of Miracle.US. This mechanism thus returns 80% of contributed money as income, for service at home and for community service. A portion of 20% is used by Miracle.US for overhead expenses and the annual leftover balance is donated to the other deserving non profit organizations. A full accounting of this 20% is posted annually on this web site.

Miracle.US wants small miracles in peoples lives and thereby aims to promote peace and understanding.

Miras have full real time access to their accounts online and are provided free Miracle.US web site of their own (see "Marketing Tools" for details).

Any needy person or an organization has an opportunity to post their needs on this web site for consideration by their neighborhood Miracle community and by parent Miracle.US.

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