Q What is Miracle.US?
Miracle.US is a non profit social networking platform developed for the benefit of all of us .
Q When did Miracle.US begin?
A Miracle.US started as a support platform for Pujas.com, a multi religious and cultural site that was formed in February, 2003.
Q Is Miracle.US available outside of America?
A Yes. International credit card will be required to sign up.
Q How long does it take to enroll
A As soon as you sign up on Miracle.US secured site with your credit card and commit to a $10 per month charge, you will be instantly enrolled and called a Mira.
Q How soon can I see results?
A As quick as you can refer someone.
You get paid the first of the month following their enrollment.
Q How do I know when I've referred someone?
A You can check your account on Miracle.US. Your account will show the details of people you enrolled and how much you made. You can set up a community get together using this information. As soon as you reach 10 people, you can form a Miracle community of your own.
Q Other than the Big Commissions Miracle.US pays, do you have any other Incentives?
A Yes. We'll pay your community your escrow account money equal to $3 times the number of Miras in your community.
Q Can I cancel this anytime I want to?
A Sure, just send an email to money@miracle.us by the evening before your next debit day.
Q If I have any others questions can I call Miracle.US?
A Yes you may. Our phone # is 1-315-446-2822.
Q What are some Marketing tips you can tell me?
A The Biggest tip of all is GET STARTED and DON'T QUIT
Be persistent, consistent and patient in your efforts and everything should be just fine. Get your domain name, www.Mirayourname.com and we'll set up the web site for you.

We can teach you how to personally promote Miracle.US to people daily with no expense whatsoever and get a yes or no answer out of them.
We can teach you how to advertise effectively and inexpensively to have fresh leads coming to you .
We can teach you how to best work a prospect through the mail for maximum results.
Its all about promoting Miracle.Us for good cause and to enough other people and find at least two of them that will take action, so that you are earning enough to at least cover your small cost as soon as possible.
You are looking for people that are looking for a good opportunity to serve themselves and others. And ready, willing, and able to take action when you show them Miracle.US.

So you simply must do as much promoting every way that you can, as often as you can , as long as you can without giving up until you are successful. See the section on Marketing tools.

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