Community Service

Firstly, the money that Miras make for themselves is recommended to be used for the health and peace at home. Such as, to pay medical bills, children's education bills, to keep up with the ever rising costs of the daily activities (e.g. food, gas and utilities). Therefore, our motto is that Service first begins at home.

In addition, every Miracle community, comprising of at least 10 Miras, has an opportunity to spread peace through community service. They can setup their own unique system and offer various types of community services suited to them. Some of the examples are, providing help, food, and clothing to poor, homeless and old people, helping and educating orphans and adolescent kids in shelters, providing medical help to sick.

Alternately, Miras can donate the community service money that it receives every month from Miracle.US to any good organization of their choice. This can be Red Cross, Aids/Cancer/MS organizations, organizations whose mission is to educate needy children or other non profit organzations of your choice. Interactive info will be available in the discussion forum and newsletter sections of miracle.US.

Miras can relate their experiences in the discussion board in Miracle.US. Also, Miras can post their specialty or offer of help on the board and conversely, if they need help they can express their needs.

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