About Us

Miracle.US was inspired by Pujas.com – a web site that provides religious understanding of different faiths and cultures. Steven Lalwani, the founder of Miracle.US was influenced by the human sufferings during the first years of the 2000 millenium. The 9/11 world trade center bombings leading to Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Tsunami, the Katrina, the poverty and suffering in Darfur, Africa, and the Myanmar flooding. Steven was inspired by the "Om Shanti" movement of the worldwide Brahma Kumaris organization and the community service values instilled by the Sadhu Vaswani mission of Pune, India. Dr. Steven Lalwani imagined a utopian world of peace and financial freedom, where people derive their happiness from helping others and living in harmony and brotherhood. Steven Lalwani and his company, IT&T started this unique - Miracle.US noble business that everyone can participate in and benefit from it.


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